Chuck Joiner, Echo Lin

MacVoices #17019: Pepcom – ZEROTECH’s Dobby Drone Folds For Travel

At Pepcom in Las Vegas, ZEROTECH was one of several drone manufactures flying, but their Dobby got much of the attention. Echo Lin, Marketing Communication Director for ZEROTECH, gave us all the details about flight...
Chuck Joiner, Anders Nicklasson

MacVoices #1322: CES – Anders Nicklasson Explains What Make Motorheadphones Different From Other Lifestyle Brands

There were plenty of celebrity endorsements of headphones at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, but few were more than just window dressing. In the Motorheadphones booth on the show floor,  Anders Nicklasson, the Brand...

MacVoices #928: Macworld Expo – Ecamm’s Glen Aspeslagh Profiles the Best-of-Show-Winning BT-1 Wireless Webcam

Glen Aspeslagh, co-founder of Ecamm network shows off the company's latest product, the BT-1 Wireless Webcam, from their booth at Macworld Expo. Billed as the world's first bluetooth webcam, the BT-1 won a "Best...
Christopher Klein

MacVoices #1112: Macworld 2011 – SMART Technologies Expands The SMART Board Beyond Education

On the show floor at Macworld 2011, Christopher Klein of SMART Technologies demonstrates the latest capabilities of the SMART Board, and talks about why their products reach far beyond their traditional education market. This edition...
Chuck Joiner, Bayley Pierson, Ji Chen, Dr. Matt Anderson

MacVoices #21044: eGlass Enhances Both The Online and Blended Learning Experiences (1)

The creators of eGlass, a new tool that enhances and improves the teaching experience, join us to not only demo the product, but also to discuss how it changes the teaching and presentation experience...