Chuck Joiner, Rose Orchard

MacVoices #20141: Rosemary Orchard Takes Over WhenWorks And Talks OmniFocus

Rosemary Orchard returns to talk about her most recent project: taking over WhenWorks, the service that helps you schedule your appointments with others at times of mutual convenience without revealing your entire calendar. Rosemary explains...
Chuck Joiner, Doug Adams

MacVoices #19217: Doug Adams Discusses The Bright, Post-iTunes Future for Doug’s Scripts

Doug's Scripts has been an amazing resource for iTunes AppleScripts for many years, but what does the impending Catalina transition to the Music and TV apps mean for the site? Doug Adams discusses what it takes...
Chuck Joiner, Josh Apter

MacVoices #13103: NAB – Josh Apter Turns Your iPad Into A Serious Video Tool with The Padcaster

At the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Josh Apter  of The Padcaster tells the story of the product that turns your iPad into a serious video tool. Effectively acting as a cage for...
Rob Elkin, Mike Lee, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #19175: AltConf – Rob Elkin and Mike Lee On The Objectives of AltConf

We wrap up ourAltConf coverage from San Jose in a discussion of the foundations and objectives of AltConf…what it has accomplished, and where it goes from here. AltConf Founder Rob Elkin and Appsterdam Founder Mike Lee talk about...
Chuck Joiner, Simon Gemayel

MacVoices #14073: Macworld – Whoosh3D Puts 3D on your iPhone

At Macworld/iWorld 2014, Simon Gemayel  of Whoosh3D gives us a 2D look at their case and screen film that can deliver real 3D on your iPhone or even on printed paper. Take Control Books: The...