Dan Frakes

MacVoices #14049: Dan Frakes on The Apple TV’s Impact and Home Automation

Dan Frakes is back to talk about the Apple TV and the impact it is having on individual video acquisition and consumption, and on the video industry in general. Is it suitable just for...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #15153: Jeff Carlson Talks Apple Watch and His Take Control Crash Course

Jeff Carlson  gave us an early look at Apple Watch some time ago when we talked about the first edition of his  Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course. With the second edition released...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Gamet

MacVoices #18220: An In-Depth Conversation with Jeff Gamet

In a wide-ranging conversation, Jeff Gamet talks about his transition from tech journalist to TextExpander Evangelist, why podcasting is so important to him, and how the change is impacting (or not) his choice of productivity...
Chuck Joiner, Julie Kuehl

MacVoices #15059: Julie Kuehl On WordPress, Podcasting and WordCamp Lancaster

Julie Kuehl  wears many hats - she's the producer of Ken Ray's  Eye Chart Magazine, a WordPress Developer and a podcaster, among others. Our conversation covers all of those, with a focus on her...
Chuck Joiner, Ken Ray

MacVoices #22001: The Top Stories of 2021 with Ken Ray (2)

We start 2022 the same way we finished up 2021: by looking at some of the top Apple and tech stories with Ken Ray of macOSKen. Ken and Chuck finish up a discussion of the rise...