User Group Report #510: In-Depth with XtraLean Software, Hawaii Mac Nuts on Pure User Group-ism, Meeting Topics & More

In this edition we profile a user group who is organized around the purest form of user group enthusiasm, and go in-depth with a “switcher-based” software company, their Mac products and their user group offer.

Dawn Hurwitz
Dawn Hurwitz of Hawaii Mac Nuts talks about the fun she and the rest of their Organization Committee have in running their young group. They may not be as large or sophisiticated as many MUGs, but there are lessons to be learned here for user group leaders of all experience levels.

Hagen Kaye
Hagen Kaye of XtraLean Software discusses being a “switcher” Mac software developer and how much code is saved by working on the Mac platform, their current products Shutterbug and ImageWell, their upcoming Paradise, and their first foray into user group support.