User Group Report #416: ApplePickers Film Festival, Back-To-School Campus Group Meetings & Canadian Macintosh User Groups

A regional film festival with a special guest presenter and judge, ideas for fall meetings of campus user groups, the month’s MUG -only vendor deals, and a new, regular feature: user groups from the Canadian perspective.

Bob McLaughlin
Bob McLaughlin of ApplePickers talks about their upcoming second annual Film Festival, what they learned from the first event, how this one is new and improved, why the next one will be even better, and how they created some extra synergy by snagging a judge who just happens to be an enthusiastic MUG fan and presenter.
Evan Chaney
Evan Chaney of the Apple Campus Group Advisory Board reports on some of the activities campus groups have planned as they return to school and kick-start their organizations for the upcoming year, and provides ideas for groups who haven’t finalized their schedules.
Jim Foster
Jim Foster of Macintosh Users East discusses his work in organizing a current database of Canadian Macintosh User Groups, how Canadian MUGs will benefit, and did at Macworld in Boston, and joins the User Group Report as our regularly appearing Canadian Correspondent.