User Group Report #412: The Macworld/UGLC Planning Team, Peachpit Press User Group Program & Colorado MUG’s Meeting Broadcasts

The team that puts together the user group events at Macworld Expo, including the User Group Leadership Conference, an overview of a vendor’s user group program by a departing manager, and how one innovative group is giving the world access to their meetings.

User Group Leadership Conference
The Macworld/User Group Leadership Conference Planning Team gives a comprehensive summary of all of the user group events going on in Boston for Macworld Expo Week, and tells you why you and your group should be involved.

Susan Nixon
Susan Nixon of UGLC sponsor Peachpit Press discusses their user group program, what it offers, and how to get involved. Susan is moving on to new opportunities, but assures us that the program is alive, well and in good hands.

Michael McDaniel
Mark McDaniel of the Colorado Macintosh User Group profiles his group, talks about how they broadcast (audio and video) their monthly meetings over the Internet, and how you can attend, even if you’re not a member.