User Group Report #319: Tucson Macintosh Users Group, The Apple MUG Store, Whatcom Macintosh Users Group & UGU Update

In this edition, two user groups who are enthusiastically trying new and interesting things are featured, along with a user group-only resource that benefits MUGs and MUG members in several ways, an update on the many sponsors of User Group University and more user group news.

Ridge Prevost

Ridge Prevost of the Tucson Macintosh Users Group profiles his group and discusses how his group is trying different things to make their group more valuable, including a new form on their web site and multiple-topic meetings.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson of the Apple Macintosh User Group Store talks about this resource for Apple-recognized user groups, refurbished equipment, trade-ins, their points program, and why they are a Platinum sponsor of User Group University.

Mac Carter

Mac Carter of the Whatcom Macintosh Users Group, a very new MUG president, outlines how he and other Mac enthusiasts are re-making an existing group, what their plans are, and why they are doing what they’re doing.