User Group Report #313: Adam Engst, Asian Regional Liaison, Mini’App’les Times 2, and MUG Deals

This edition features an industry icon, an Asian Regional Liaison Team member, our first tag-team interview on a 25th anniversary celebration and the latest vendor deals.

Adam Engst
Adam Engst of TidBITS talks about how his carrer started in a user group and how he continues to support MUGs by allowing TidBITS reprints, why huge user groups may not be the best thing, being named (again) to the MDJ Power 25, and much more.
Yan Feng
Yan Feng, Apple Regional Liaison Team member for Asia (excluding Japan), talks about the Beijing Maicntosh User Group and how it is growing slowly but surely, the Macintosh market in China and more.
Dan Buchler
Dan Buchler, the founder of mini’app’les, talks about the early days of that group, why he was inspired to start the group 25 years ago, what they did, and why he has made the switch, all these years later, to MacOS X.
Les Anderson, the current president of mini’app’les, talks about the group’s status today, how they have formed a unique SIG partnership with a local PC group, and how they celebrated their 25th anniversary.