User Group Report #311: Microsoft, User Group Booth, Regional Liaisons & MUG Deals

Our last edition before Macworld Creative Pro Conference & Expo features a User Group Leadership Conference sponsor, the host group for the User Group Booth, two more Apple Regional Liaison Team members, the monthly MUG deals, a review of all the MUG events at Expo and commentary on the closing of Casady & Greene.

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson of Microsoft introduces us to the Macintosh side of their User Group Program, and talks about being a Platinum sponsor of the upcoming The User Group Leadership Conference.
Macbeth Vannoy
Apple Regional Liaison Team member Macbeth Vannoy introduces herself, and her group, the North Coast Macintosh Users Group, tells why she wanted to serve on the Team, and what her group did for her when her appointment was announced.
Bill Medlow
Bill Medlow of the Long Island Macintosh Users Group, talks about his group and what they offer, how they get big name speakers, and their position as host of the User Group Booth at Macworld for the third year in a row.
Gary Kampel
Gary Kampel of the the Palm Beach Macintosh Users Group, and his inspiration for successfully applying to become a member of Apple Regional Liaison Team.