User Group Report #304: O’Reilly & Global MUGs, Pi Bus Trip, Leisure World MUG, MacFair Central Valley and MUG Deals

This edition includes a roundup of the many regional events MUGs are organizing or participating in, as well as these exciting guests:

Derrick Story of O’Reilly talks about the his user group presentations, the recent O’Reilly MUG Field Trip, the MacDevCenter, how O’reilly works to include the international MUG community in their program, and his article on why making contests and user group offers a global affair isn’t as easy as one might think.

Louise Dawson of the Leisure World Macintosh Users Group discusses her group’s use of iMovie for self-promotion and fun, using .Mac to publish your site and your movies, and how those movies draw inspiration from everything from CNN to Bambi Meets Godzilla.

Jim Ritz of Washington Apple Pi tells us about his group’s 5th annual bus trip to Macworld Expo (now Create), how they use it as a membership enhancement and incentive, why it is so much fun, and why our group should think about organizing a similar outing.

Doug Cox of The Fresno Macintosh Users Group briefs us on MacFair Central Valley, the regional event their group organizes with CompUSA, how it has helped expand their visibility and their membership, and why the first one was a “bet the MUG” undertaking.