MacVoices Update 2021-05

MacVoices #21102: MacVoices Update – 2021-05

This month’s MacVoices Update is short and sweet, with an explanation of video quality differences, why we may be playing catch-up, and this month’s Support Report. Show Notes: Support:      Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon ...
MacVoices Update 2023-04

MacVoices #23130: MacVoices Update – 2023-04

The April MacVoices Update includes a welcome to a new MacVoices Live! panel member and a note about a return to normalcy for the MacVoices Live! schedule. Some comments on past and future Briefings...
MacVoices Update - 2019-07

MacVoices #19180: Update – 2019-07

The MacVoices Update for July, 2019 looks back at the WWDC coverage, forward to Macstock (with an announcement of a small incentive to attend Chuck’s session), and the monthly Support Report. Show Notes: Chuck Joiner is...
MacVoices Update 2023-06

MacVoices #23183: MacVoices Update – 2023-06

In the 2023-06 Update, Chuck talks about Macstock Conference and Expo and The Road to Macstock, Take Control author interviews, and the studio/office refresh. The use of large language models has made its way...
MacVoices #22263: MacVoices Update - 2022-12

MacVoices #22263: MacVoices Update – 2022-12

In the final MacVoices Update for 2022, Chuck wishes everyone a continued happy holiday season, outlines the publication schedule for the first week of 2023, and reminds everyone about the MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide....