Take Control

Authors from the Take Control eBook series

MacVoices #652: Sharon Aker Helps You Take Control of Your Fonts and Font Issues

Sharon Aker, the author of two new Take Control eBooks, Take Control of Fonts in Mac OS X and Take Control of Font Problems in Mac OS X, takes us on a trip into...

MacVoices #8118: Andy Affleck on His New “Take Control of Podcasting”

Andy Williams Affleck has just released the newest edition of Take Control of Podcasting and talks about why he felt it was time to update the book. Andy discusses the state of podcasting, how...
Tonya Engst

MacVoices #10134: Tonya Engst Takes Control of the iPad with iOS4

Tonya Engst has updated her book, Take Control of iPad Basics, to v1.2. Why a .1 upgrade and what does it mean? Tonya explains before digging into some iPad basic tips for every level...

MacVoices #8143: Sharon Zardetto Re-Takes Control of Fonts and Font Problems in Leopard

Font expert Sharon Zardetto has updated her books, Take Control of Fonts in Leopard and Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard, and talks about changes in both the Mac OS and in some...

MacVoices #767 – Clark Humphrey Helps You Take Control of Digital TV

The newest release from Take Control eBooks is an update to help you understand one of the most confusing consumer electronics purchase you can make: digital TV. Clark Humphrey, the author of Take Control...