Chuck Joiner, Philip Goward

MacVoices #15054: Philip Goward of Smile Covers The New Features in PDFpen 7 and PDFpen Pro 7

Smile has released a major update to PDFpen and PDFpen Pro, taking both to version 7. Philip Goward  of Smile walks us through the new features that include a new viewable OCR text layer...
Roger Bolton, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #13117: SuperMeet – CoreMelt Makes Tracking In Your Video Project Easier Than Ever Before

At the Las Vegas SuperMeet 2013, Roger Bolton of CoreMelt takes us through the ability of their upcoming Final Cut X plug-in, SliceX with Mocha. Easily helps you easily create Shape Masks to remove layers, eliminate or...
Chuck Joiner, Christopher DeSchamp

MacVoices #15007: Digital Experience – Schlage Introduces A Connected Door Lock

At Pepcom's Digital Experience in Las Vegas, Christopher DeSchamp  of Schlage shows us their new Schlage Sense keyless door lock that lets your smartphone (including the iPhone) act as your key. Designed to work...
Chuck Joiner, Tonya Engst 2

MacVoices #16164: Tonya Engst On macOS Sierra Beta, Keeping Up Or Not, and Hardware Lifespans

Tonya Engst is back for an eclectic conversation that starts out with  how she is approaching macOS Sierra beta and what she's looking forward to. Then she shares her thoughts on work life balance...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #18226: Joe Kissell Takes Tech Control of Your Apple ID

Joe Kissell is back, but in a couple different roles this time. Joe was the tech editor for the new Take Control of Your Apple ID by Glenn Fleishman, as well as the publisher. What does a...