MacVoices #9124: Brian Meehan of Pointy Heads Software Discusses The Approval of Knocking Live Video for the iPhone

Brian Meehan
Pointy Heads Software has been in the news with the release and approval of their Knocking Video Live for the iPhone, and Pointy Heads co-founder Brian Meehan joins us to tell the real story of the iPhone’s first live streaming video app. Taking a different tact on social networking, Knocking Live allows sharing of video from one iPhone to another over wifi or 3G networks. Brian explains the current capabilities of the app, some of their plans for the future, and the app is free to users for now. The second part of the story is that Knocking Live was originally rejected in the App Store, and it was only after Brian appealed to the highest level of Apple management (yes, that’s Steve Jobs) that approval was granted. Brian talks about how and why he plead his case, the reports of their use of private APIs, the companion Knocking Live Pic Sharing, and more.


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