MacVoices #679: MacVoices Celebrates 100 Shows with the First MacVoices PowerPanel of Adobe, Bare Bones Software, Circus Ponies & Rogue Amoeba

With this episode, MacVoices turns 100 and we celebrate by having a discussion with the very first MacVoices Power Panel. The guests include (in company alphabetical order):

Jeff Carlson Paul Kafasis
John Nack Rich Siegel Jayson Adams Paul Kafasis
Photoshop Senior
Product Manager
President & Founder
Bare Bones Software
Vice President of Technology
Circus Ponies
Rogue Amoeba Software

The panel discusses the state of software development today and their relationships, as developers, with Apple. The group also comments the impact of the internet and the iPod on their businesses, where the next killer app will come from, the long-term viability of the Macintosh platform and more.


  • Adobe
  • Bare Bones Software
  • Circus Ponies
  • Rogue Amoeba Software
  • John Nack on Adobe (John’s blog)