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On The Road to Macstock Conference and Expo, Brett Terpstra shares some insights about his session on email management strategies. Brett emphasizes the enduring significance of email and will provide tips for efficient organization without complex scripting. While he will focus on what can be done within a given email client, there will also be mentions of third-party tools to assist.. Brett also discusses his projects, such as Bunch and nvUltra, along with his hobby of crafting demotivational inspirations. 

Visit Macstock Conference and Expo and use Brett’’s discount code TTSCOFF or the MacVoices discount code MACVOICES to save $30 on your registration fee.

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Show Notes:


00:00 Introduction to the Road to MacStock
04:00 The Importance of Intellectual Property in Employment Contracts
07:10 Email Client Flexibility and Recommendations
10:12 Using Multiple Email Clients on Different Platforms
12:42 Archiving Emails for Easy Retrieval
14:15 Benefits of Manual Email Approaches Over AI
16:55 Speaker Discounts for MacStock
17:07 Updates on Brett Terpstra’s Life and Projects
19:54 Demotivational Inspirations and Personal Projects
22:40 The Anticipated Experience at MacStock







Brett Terpstra is a coder, writer and web developer. He works behind the scenes at blogs including Engadget, Joystiq and The Unofficial Apple Weblog. He also writes for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, and contributes to Macworld. Brett develops Marked and other productivity tools.He discusses all things “nerd” on his podcasts, Systematic and Overtired.You can find Brett as “ttscoff” on X, and at his website,


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