MacVoices #15152: Jodi Spangler Discusses Tech Consulting for Seniors

Jodi Spangler  of Lakeshore Mac is an independent tech consultant who specializes in assisting seniors with tech-related challenges. That can range from individuals with little or no tech experience to those who struggle just to keep up. Jodi’s insights into why things we all take for granted can be such a challenge to the senior population are both surprising and useful, including physical challenges you might not expect, the irrational fear that seems to come from not fully understanding Macs, iPhones and iPads, and why it can be difficult for seniors to “think digital, not analog.” Her top three tips will help you in dealing with the seniors in your life who don’t want to be left behind, and can also be applied to teaching anything.

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Jodi Spangler has owned her own company called Lakeshore Mac since 2000 and serves the people of South West Michigan, but she is originally from California. She is an expert in iPad and iPhone integration and currently teaches at Lake Michigan College in support of the aging community on how to use these devices in their daily lives. She also contract with several Senior Centers in the area. She have been in the Technology field since 1985 and started out as a hardware technician in Education for the first Apple II computers and have never stopped. She holds numerous Apple Hardware Certificates and ran an Apple Service Center for many years. She is a Macintosh specialist and has been servicing hardware and training people on this platform since it’s invention. Jodi currently support both Mac and PC on iCloud synchronization with iPads and iPhones. Her experience and expertise will always change and evolve with Technology as it changes. Jodi’s goal is to NEVER get stuck in a time warp. You can follow her on Twitter.

Jodi’s credentials include:
– 30 years experience on the Macintosh and Windows in both hardware and software.
– 15 years experience serving Education.
– 12 years experience serving the graphics arts community.
– 5 years experience as a national instructor in Macintosh troubleshooting and repair.
– 3 years experience teaching iPad and iPhone classes at Lake Michigan Collage
– 6 years as creator and president of the South West Michigan Mac Users Group