MacVoices #14176: Andy Affleck Takes Control of Podcasting on Your Mac for the Third Time

Podcasting has been enjoying something of a resurgence, and if you’re getting the itch to try it for yourself, then your best place to start is with Take Control of Podcasting on Your Mac, Third Edition.  Andy Affleck has the latest and greatest on what you need to get started, including sections on hardware, software, services, podcast hosts, RSS feeds, and everything else. Andy explains his choices, how they differ from those in prior editions of the book and how podcasting has evolved into the popular medium it is today.

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Andy J. Williams Affleck built Dartmouth College’s first Web site in 1993, created the original Web site for the sitcom Friends, and started a virtual community that’s still around nearly 20 years later. When he’s not producing podcasts, he’s a Senior IT Project Manager by day and an actor/director in a community theater by night.