MacVoices #1277: Dolly Drive Integrates More Cloud Options

Anthony Palermo, Leigh KesslerA great deal has happened since we introduced you to Dolly Drive at Macworld Expo 2011. CEO Anthony Palermo and Head of Marketing Leigh Kessler bring us up to date with the new services they offer. What was once a Time Machine in the cloud service has been refined and expanded to offer a hose of online storage, backup and sync services. Anthony and Leigh walk us through the features and pricing of Dolly Space, Dolly Sync, and Dolly Clone, as well as how they secure your data during both transfer and storage. Find out about their new seeding option that gets you backed up and secure faster, and all the additions they give to the Time Machine you know and use already.


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Early in his career as an architect / engineer developing network software in Europe during the pre-internet era, Anthony Palermo envisioned system where consumers and companies could access all of their data remotely. It was a vision that inspired him to work on projects with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines where he deployed Apple technology to solve networking issues at sea. As the CIO of WSG Development this vision was also the catalyst to tackle large-scale Hotel/Condominium projects utilizing apple technology that had never been done before. A selected speaker at Apple’s WWDC on large enterprise deployments, Anthony Palermo is now CEO of Cirrus Thinking, a cloud company for Mac and the makers of Dolly Drive.

Leigh Kessler is the Head of Marketing for Dolly Drive, bringing 13 years of agency and client-side brand building, messaging and qualitative research in the world of consumer goods and technology. He is a recognized expert on pop-culture who has made numerous appearances on TV shows including VH1’s “Best Week Ever” and CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” as well as the Discovery Channel and Sirius Radio.