MacNotables #946: Adam and Tonya Engst Celebrate TidBITS #1000 with a Look Back and Behind-the-Scenes (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our interview with Adam and Tonya Engst, we continue our look at the 1,000th issue of TidBITS. Adam and Tonya discuss the benefits of their new web site architecture for both their readers and their contributors, and how it fits into their expansion of all manner of distribution methods, including their very own version of podcasting. Why email is still cool, their interaction with their readers, their style of defensive writing, and why they’re still tweaking their writing style even after 1000 issues, and the challenges of grammar and idioms in a global environment are all part of the conversation.

Tonya Engst
Tonya Engst
Adam Engst
Adam Engst

(Listen to Part 1 of Adam and Tonya’s interview)


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