Chuck Joiner, NIck Mattingly

MacVoices #16144: Nick Mattingly Announces Switcher Studio Integration with Facebook Live

Nick Mattingly  of Switcher Studio takes some time out from VidCon to tell us about their new integration with Facebook Live. With their latest version, Facebook Live is integrated into Switcher Studio, making it...
Chuck Joiner, Kirk McElhearn

MacVoices #16073: The Pros, Cons and Logistics of Building a Lossless iTunes Library with Kirk McElhearn

Kirk McElhearn, aka “The iTunes Guy”, delivers a Master Class discussion on creating or upgrading your iTunes library with lossless files. Kirk starts with the basics of understanding compression and encoding, throws in some...
Chuck Joiner, Nick Mattingly

MacVoices #16071: Broadcast Live and Direct to YouTube With Switcher Studio

Nick Mattingly and the team at  Switcher Studio  have just upped the game for iOS broadcasting with their new version of their multi-camera switcher program. Now you can send your live video straight to...
Chuck Joiner, James Packer of crazybaby

MacVoices #16070: CES – The Mars Speaker from crazybaby Levitates Your Music

 At  CES in Las Vegas, perhaps the most unique product in Eureka Park was the  Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker  by crazybaby. Brand Manager James Packer  tells us about how their completely portable, 360-degree...
Steve Armstrong of Urban Armor Gear, Chuck Joiner

MV #16030: CES – Urban Armor Gear Delivers Tough Cases For All Your Apple Products

At  CES in Las Vegas, iPad Pro cases were few and far between, but Urban Armor Gear had some of the best looking protection for the top-of-the line iPad. Steve Armstrong, the Co-CEO and...