Tim Robertson, Guy Serle, Dr. Robert Carter, Chuck Joiner 2

MacVoices #16129: Road to Macstock – Dr. Robert Carter, Tim Robertson, Guy Serle

Our next stop on The Road to Macstock features three different presenters covering very different topics. Dr. Robert Carter  of The Tech Doctor Blog and Podcast will discuss Mac accessibility, Guy Serle  of the...
Chuck Joiner, Eliska Divoka

MacVoices #18054: CES – Oscar Senior Puts A Senior-Friendly Interface on iDevices

In Eureka Park at CES in Las Vegas, Eliska Divoka, Chief Marketing Officer for Oscar Senior, takes us through their iOS app, service, and optional hardware dock that puts a simplified, senior-oriented interface on your iPhone...
Jamie Siminoff of Ring, Chuck Joiner

MV #16021: Pepcom – Ring Introduces The Stick Up Cam, A Wireless, Motion-Activated Security Cam

At  Pepcom's Digital Experience in Las Vegas, the inventor of the Ring Doorbell, Jamie Siminoff, covers the hot-off-the-presses Ring Stick Up Cam, their new wireless security camera that boasts motion activation, a  surprisingly long...
Chuck Joiner, Glenn Mulcahy

MacVoices #23135: NAB – Glen Mulcahy Discusses The Evolution of Mobile Journalism

At NAB, we had an interesting discussion with Glen Mulcahy, the Managing Director of Mojofest, about the development of mobile journalism (mojo). How news stories and more get from happening to you has changed a...

MacVoices #1132: Macworld 2011 – Jean MacDonald of Smile and Mark Fuccio of Drobo Talk About Their Companies’ Place in the Mac Community

From the show floor at Macworld 2011, Jean MacDonald of Smile and Mark Fuccio of Drobo talk about how their companies have become an active, supporting part of the Mac community, how it happened,...