User Group Report #513: Jim Heid on iLife ’05, New User Group Advisory Board Members, TMC Improvement Survey & More


A prominent author talks about the latest version of Apple’s iLife suite, the two new members of the Apple User Group Advisory Board join us for their first interviews since their appointments, the results of our recent TMC Survey question and more are all in this edition.

Jim Heid
Jim Heid, the author of The Macintosh iLife ’05 from Peachpit, discusses what’s new and cool in the latest edition of Apple’s suite of apps, how his book is only one of three “legs” of support that he offers to readers, how iLife fits with novices and professionals alike, and more in our feature-length interview.

Tom Piper
Tom Piper of appleJAC and one of the new members of the User Group Advisory Board talks about being appointed to Apple’s premier volunteer team, his responsibilities for the Board, and what he hopes to accomplish as part of UGAB.

Lynn Poos
Lynn Poos of the Silicon Mountain Macintosh Users Group is the other new member of the User Group Advisory Board, and talks about how his experience as a senior member of the Regional Liaison Team will benefit him in his new post, ways to get youth involved in user groups, and the challenges of producing organized events.

User Group Report #512: Circus Ponies, Hacking Firefox, SmartSound Software, Special Guests at MUG Events, Vendor Offers & More


How a utility program has gotten even better, how you can customize one of the new age browsers and make it your very own, and how to create perfect audio tracks for any projects are all included in this edition, along with user group events, vendor offers and more.

Elizabeth Statmore
Elizabeth Statmore of Circus Ponies is back to update us on all the changes that make the latest revision in their flagship product, NoteBook 2.0, the best yet and her busy user group appearance schedule.

Nigel McFarlane
Nigel McFarlane, the author of Firefox Hacks: Tips & Tools for Next-Generation Web Browsing (O’Reilly) tells us what is cool about the open source web browser “out of the box” and how it can be even better with a few hacks that you don’t have to be a geek to install.

Brian Dickman
Brian Dickman of SmartSound Software introduces us to Sonicfire Pro, the solution to creating perfectly timed music tracks for your Keynote, iMovie or Final Cut Pro projects, and a new training option to help you get more out of the program.

User Group Report #511: Final Cut Pro User Group Events at NAB and Beyond, Midnight Mage’s User Group Program and User Group Best Practices


One of the largest Final Cut Pro User Group events of the year is coming up in Las Vegas and we have the lowdown for you, as well as an interview with a new user group-supporting vendor and our new user group best practices series.

Steve Sheets
Steve Sheets of Midnight Mage Software tells us about his company’s user group program, what they provide to help MUGs demonstrate their product, RollCall Directory, and the many not-so-obvious results that can be achieved. Steve also shares his thoughts on being a small software developer, and what is on the horizon for Midnight Mage.
Michael Horton
Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group previews, in super-secret mode, the big FCP event at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, two of his group’s upcoming events, and discusses UG leadership responsibilities, the future of digital video and more in a feature-length interview.

User Group Report #510: In-Depth with XtraLean Software, Hawaii Mac Nuts on Pure User Group-ism, Meeting Topics & More


In this edition we profile a user group who is organized around the purest form of user group enthusiasm, and go in-depth with a “switcher-based” software company, their Mac products and their user group offer.

Dawn Hurwitz
Dawn Hurwitz of Hawaii Mac Nuts talks about the fun she and the rest of their Organization Committee have in running their young group. They may not be as large or sophisiticated as many MUGs, but there are lessons to be learned here for user group leaders of all experience levels.

Hagen Kaye
Hagen Kaye of XtraLean Software discusses being a “switcher” Mac software developer and how much code is saved by working on the Mac platform, their current products Shutterbug and ImageWell, their upcoming Paradise, and their first foray into user group support.

User Group Report #509: Mac-in-Awe MUG at Twenty, Efficiency in UG Operations with ClubMac of Hampton & Cool New Products from PocketMac


User groups everywhere are trying to do more, sometimes with less. In this edition we talk two two groups who have met different types of challenges to their organizations and are succeeding with different approaches to problems that many MUG leaders face. We also talk to a vendor who gives us an exclusive look at a new utility, released yesterday.

Marianne Young
Marianne Young of The Mac-in-Awe MUG discusses their upcoming 20th anniversary celebration, the changes their group has gone through over that time period, and how their group thrives while drawing little outside support because of their geography.

Jack Dolby
Jack Dolby of of Club Mac of Hampton outlines how he addresses some of the challenges that face many user group leaders, including limited resources and assistance, yet successfully delivers value to their small membership and maintains a current, professional face to the outside world.

Tim Goggin
Tim Goggin of Pocket Mac is here with an exclusive first look at the brand new PocketMac for Playstation Portables, along with their other products PocketMac for Blackberry, Safari Scrapbook and more.