User Group Report #220: Melissa Murphy, Arman Assa, and Evan Chaney of The Campus Group Advisory Board


Our look at the new Campus Group Advisory Board continues in this edition. We also talk about the many vendors who have signed up to support User Group University, and why their sponsorship is so important. Guests include:

Melissa Murphy of The Apple Student Core @ Emory talks about her busy personal schedule, how ACE is taking their activities from the campus out into the community, plans for their upcoming iMovieFest and why Apple products appeal to students.
Arman Assa of The North Carolina State University Mac Users Group discusses how starting his group was inspired by a MacCentral article, how they involve staff, faculty and students in both membership and leadership roles, and what about MacOS X is important to students.
Evan Chaney of the Western Mac Users Group at Western Washington University outlines how he started his group with a small number of people, why they count a strong social component as an important part of their group, and why he wants his MUG to be a long-term presence on the Western Washington campus.

User Group Report #219: Roemer, Rozanski, Davis of The Campus Group Advisory Board, Club de Usuarios Mac, Bolivia & iChat Channel, MUG Deals and More!


This edition features the first public interviews with members of the new Campus Group Advisory Board and more!
David Roemer of The Apple User Group Advisory Board talks about the creation of the Campus Group Advisory Board, the new offerings for campus groups on the Apple web site, and why high school MUGs are not out of the question.

Rowan Rozanski of the Colorado State Macintosh Users Group and Chair of the new Campus Group Advisory Board, talks about this new advocacy group for the campus user group movement, the members of the team and what the future holds.

Matt Davis of the Tarheel Macintosh User Group at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and member of the Campus Group Advisory Board talks about the young age and rapid growth of his group, how he is working with other Apple Student Reps and more.

Jose Jordan of the Club de Usuarios Mac of Bolivia discusses his group, what it is like to be an authorized Apple reseller in his country, and the iChat channel he created for MUG members and leaders throughout the world.

User Group Report #218: Boston College iMovieFest, Tom Negrino, Northern Ireland Macintosh User Group, Final Cut Pro User Groups and iCal


The User Group Report covers a wide variety of Macintosh User Group news, events, history and more in this edition:

Ken Bereski of The Boston College Macintosh Users Group discusses his group’s upcoming iMovieFest. The event has grown and evolved since it was first held on the their campus last year. Find out how it has promoted “switching,” generated enthusiasm and will help bring the student population closer together.
Tom Negrino, Contributing Editor of Macworld magazine and author of Microsoft Office v. X for Mac Inside Out and JavaScript for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide talks about why he enjoys both presenting to and attending MUG meetings, his past as a user group president, and his top 3 (ok, 4) tips for MUG leaders.
Matt Johnson of the Northern Ireland Macintosh User Group profiles his group, outlines some of the challenges of being a Mac user in a country with no authorized Mac dealers, and covers his group’s fund-raising project to raise money for a new G4 for a local cancer organization.

Dan Berube of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group makes his first appearance as our correspondent to the Final Cut Pro User Group Network. Dan talks about what the FCP User Group Network is, where they are, why they are just a little bit different than the average MUG, and why you should stop at the Final Cut Pro User Group Theater at Macworld Expo.

Patrick Crowley of tells us what his site is all about, what it offers, how it is growing, and how Macintosh User Groups are using it to help promote themselves to the larger MUG community (to the point he may add a special section just for MUGs.)

User Group Report #217: Southern California MacFair 2002, Christopher Sarson of APCUG & Chris Breen of Macworld Magazine


After over one year of featuring Macintosh User Group leaders and events and receiving a terrific listener response, The User Group Report expands. Starting with this show we’ll have more guests, give you more information and have more fun with the world of Macintosh User Groups.

The show features a review of upcoming events on the MUG Event Calendar as well as interviews with:

Keith Mueller, the organizer of Southern California Mac Fair 2002 talks about his upcoming regional Mac event, how and why Macintosh User Groups are included, why his business, a member of the Apple Consultants Network, supports MUGs, and more.
Christopher Sarson, Chair of the Board of Advisors and Secretary of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups, outlines what APCUG is, what it offers to user groups of all platforms, their upcoming annual conference in Las Vegas and why why regional events may be the wave of the future.
Chris Breen, columnist for Macworld magazine and author of Secrets of the iPod and Mac 911, discusses why he supports user groups, what he gets back from user group visits and his recent keynote address at the North Coast Macintosh User Group’s Mac Computer Expo.

User Group Report #216: Steve Welsh, Founder and Director of You Don’t Know Mac


In its fourth year, You Don’t Know Mac is billed as the annual state-wide Mac trivia contest, but it is much more than that. Steve Welsh and his team have created a regional event that encourages involvement by all the Macintosh User Groups in Oregon, features celebrity guests and includes a MUG Leaders’ Summit. Steve talks about how YDKM is organized, announces this year’s guest host, how they involve both local and national vendors in the event, how the contest is organized and why he hopes it will inspire other MUGs to organize similar events.