User Group Report #321: User Group University Keynote & Updates and Macworld MUG Sponsor Group


The user group events at Macworld Expo, as well as User Group University take center stage, with a focus on the UGU Keynote, the sponsor group that helps make it all possible, an update on the content, and a special announcement about the Adobe User Group Breakfast.

Christopher Breen, Contributing Editor for Macworld magazine and author of Peachpit Press’ Secrets of the iPod (3ed edition) and Mac 911, and the User Group University keynote speaker, talks about the top-secret title of his User Group University keynote address, why he’s excited to be doing it, and where else you can hear him present at Expo.
Ronnie Roche
Ronnie Roche, President of the North Coast Macintosh Users Group, outlines why her group takes such an active role in the user group community, including being the host group for User Group University, and the User Group Lounge, as well as acting as the anchor group for the User Group Booth.
Trish Huffman of the Macworld/User Group University Planning Team reveals the sessions and presenters for User Group University, and discusses why, with such a distinguished faculty and varity of sessions, this is the best UGU yet!

User Group Report #320: Macintosh Sisters, Small Dog, Macworld Expo MUG Volunteers, Student Events, and Vendor Deals


Women in the Macintosh User Group community are discussed by two of our guests, as well as lots of User Group University and Macworld Expo news and event information, vendor deals, and a busy MUG Event Calendar.

Nyx Wolfwalker of Macintosh Sisters talks about why a Macintosh User Group directed at women is needed in today’s environment, what they offer, how they protect an environment that fosters women in technology, and why it is necessary to do so.
Dawn Dangelillo
Dawn D’Angelillo of Small Dog gives us a comprehensive look at one of the most innovative Apple Specialists around; why their image has gone to the dogs (literally), what services they offer, and why they are a Gold Sponsor of User Group University (in spite of the fact that they won’t be on-site.)
Sandy Foderick of the of the Macworld/User Group University Planning Team, and the Volunteer Coordinator for all of the MUG events at Macworld Conference & Expo outlines all the good reasons that MUG members and leaders should be part of those events, and tells you how to volunteer.
David Roemer
David Roemer of the Macworld/User Group University Planning Team runs down the special MUG events at Macworld Conference & Expo that are either geared specifically to students, or that students are taking part in, and how any students coming to San Francisco can get involved.

User Group Report #319: Tucson Macintosh Users Group, The Apple MUG Store, Whatcom Macintosh Users Group & UGU Update


In this edition, two user groups who are enthusiastically trying new and interesting things are featured, along with a user group-only resource that benefits MUGs and MUG members in several ways, an update on the many sponsors of User Group University and more user group news.

Ridge Prevost

Ridge Prevost of the Tucson Macintosh Users Group profiles his group and discusses how his group is trying different things to make their group more valuable, including a new form on their web site and multiple-topic meetings.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson of the Apple Macintosh User Group Store talks about this resource for Apple-recognized user groups, refurbished equipment, trade-ins, their points program, and why they are a Platinum sponsor of User Group University.

Mac Carter

Mac Carter of the Whatcom Macintosh Users Group, a very new MUG president, outlines how he and other Mac enthusiasts are re-making an existing group, what their plans are, and why they are doing what they’re doing.

User Group Report #318: New CGAB Member, a Mac Unix User Group & UGU Platinum Sponsors


The newest member of the Apple Campus Group Advisory Board gives her first interview, Macintosh User Groups from a Unix perspective, the first Platinum sponsors for User Group University, and why this UGU will be even better for vendors and attendees alike.

Sarah Friedlander
Sarah Friedlander the newest member of the Apple Campus Group Advisory Board, and Vice President of MacRIT, the User Group at the Rochester Institute of Technology, gives her first interview since being appointed, profiles her group, and what CGAB does for the campus group movement.

Brian RedmanBrian Redman of the Lower East Side Mac Unix Users Group gives us a look at the Macintosh from a Unix perspective, talks about why he elected to adopt the user group model to service Mac Unix users, and what they do.

User Group Report #317: ApplePickers/Small Dog Film Festival, CZ Robertson, MUG Deals, Switchers & MacUsers MUG


A new Mac film festival, a user group community icon, some thoughts on encouraging Switchers, and why there is more than one way to start a user group, no matter how old you are, vendor deals, MUGs at the O’Reilly MacOS X conference, and plenty of news are included in this edition.

Bob McLaughlin
Bob McLaughlin of ApplePickers tells us about his group’s recent Small Dog / ApplePickers Film Festival, how it helped bring their group together, and the decisions they made while planning the event.
Carmela Zamora-Robertson
Carmela Zamora-Robertson (“CZ”) of All By Myself talks about her career, and how user groups have always been part of it, her new company, and how they rely on Apple technology for everything.
Lynda Fudold
Lynda Fudold of the Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group gives some thoughts on how to attract and encourage Switchers, and why it is a good idea to do so.
Chris Wronski
Chris Wronski of The MacUsers User Group discusses why, at age 15, he wanted to found a user group and how they took the unusual path of starting out virtual and then added a community presence.