MacNotables #614: MacNotables at Sea


The MacNotables hit the high seas, delivering a show from the Mac Mania Geek Cruise. Or was it Jason’s apartment? Who knows. The panel talks about why a geek cruise is unlike any other Mac experience, introduce the Macworld Trio (keyboards, guitar and…ukilalie?), touch on the new iPod nano 1 GB, and disappear from the show under mysterious circumstances. Perhaps it was last call for the dessert course?

MacNotables #613: Ted Landau Gets Technical with the Intel iMac and Running Universal Binaries in PowerPC Mode


Ted LandauTed Landau gets technical with the new Intel iMac in a discussion of Open Firmware vs. Extensible Firmware Interface, GUID partitions and more. He also talks about why you might want to run certain Universal Binary applications in PowerPC mode, and outlines a few “gotcha’s” for the new or soon-to-be-new Intel Mac owner.

MacVoices #636: Joe Kissel Takes Control of the New .Mac Features


Joe KisselJoe Kissell, the author of the just-updated Take Control of .Mac ebook, talks about the latest updates to Apple’s .Mac service, including new bandwidth allocations, new features and some overlooked aspects of .Mac and the use of .Mac groups. How Apple is tying in the iLife ’06 apps to .Mac and why that ends up adding both value and cost, and how Take Control ebooks get updated to deliver the most current information possible are all included in the discussion.

MacNotables #612: Booting Intel iMacs Externally, iPods in the Car and More on the Video Distribution Revolution


Adam Engst, Bob LeVitus and Andy Ihnatko talk about the new Intel iMac and external drive booting issues, playing your iPod in the car, some new thoughts on the changes in viewing and distributing video, and how Apple is facilitating the revolution.

Adam Engst


Andy Ihnatko

Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #635: Michael Horton on Final Cut Pro Events and Organization Structure


Michael HortonMichael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group talks about the major FCP event held at January’s Macworld Conference & Expo, the start of planning for the next event at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, the structure of FCP user groups, and why one may not be the loneliest number.