John Chaffee

MacVoices #1124 – Macworld 2011 – BusyMac Gets Busier with BusyToDo

In the BusyMac booth at Macworld 2011, John Chaffee shows off BusyToDo, their iOS app that automatically syncs your task list in iCal or BusyCal using Apple's MobileMe. John explains both the capabilities and...
Steve Scott

MacVoices #1080: Steve Scott Talks About What Upcoming NSConference MINI Offers Those Not Going to WWDC

Conference organizer Steve Scott is about to pull off a difficult project: putting together a developers conference in four weeks. We're talking about the NSConference MINI, and Scotty explains how it came about, who...

MacVoices #972: Josh Clark Discusses His New Book, “iWork ’09: The Missing Manual”

Josh Clark's new book, iWork '09: The Missing Manual is out, and he discusses the productivity suite's newest enhancements. More cross-applications support, new functions in Keynote, Pages and Numbers, and more are reviewed by...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Eric Bolden, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Web Bixby

MacVoices #23094: MacVoices Live! – Apple Services Success; App Store Monopoly Issues? (1)

0 MacVoices Live! panel starts off by looking at a report that compares Apple Services revenue to some other high-profile companies. The panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Eric Bolden, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, and Web Bixby transition that into...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Eric Bolden, Brian Flanagan-Arthurs, Mike Potter, Webb Bixby, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea

MacVoices #23153: MacVoices Live! – Apple’s Financial Services Initiatives (3)

David Ginsburg, Eric Bolden, Brian Flanagan-Arthurs, Mike Potter, Web Bixby, Jeff Gamet, and Jim Rea finish off this MacVoices Live! session with a discussion of Apple’s financial services efforts. They include the newly launched Apple Pay Later, a high-yield savings account, and...