Chuck Joiner, Michael E. Cohen

MacVoices #20119: Michael E. Cohen Explores Apple Interface Mysteries (Part 2)

Michael E. Cohen digs deeper into some of the concepts in his new Take Control book, Apple Interface Mysteries in the second half of our conversation. Again, he draws on past experience to explain...
David Sparks

MacVoices #1213: Road to Macworld – David Sparks’s Sessions Include Familiar Favorites and Fresh Faces

The Road to Macworld | iWorld 2012 is filled with names you know and names you don't...yet. The same can be said for the sessions and appearances that David Sparks has on his schedule...

MacVoices #16158: Adam Engst and Josh Centers Take Control of Apple’s Preview

Adam Engst  and Josh Centers  have a new Take Control book out that covers an application you already have. In Take Control of Preview, Adam and Josh look at the power of the Preview...
Chuck Joiner, Kirk McElhearn

MacVoices #1334: Kirk McElhearn Takes Control of iTunes 11

In his new book,  Take Control of iTunes 11 the FAQ,  Kirk McElhearn  helps us understand the most radical revision to Apple's music, video and iDevice management software in a long time. Some features...