Chuck Joiner, Andrew Orr, Jim Rea, Frank Petrie, Jeff Gamet, David Ginsburg, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #21138: MacVoices Live! – Pocket Casts’ Acquisition and Favorite Podcast Clients (3)

The last part of this MacVoices Live! session focused on the acquisition of the podcast client Pocket Casts by Automatic, the makers of WordPress. What opportunities this might present for content creators and podcasters...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, Jay Miller, Frank Petrie, Jim Rea, Guy Serle, Jeff Gamet, Brittany Smith, Patrice Brend’amour

MacVoices #21113: WWDC Keynote Wrap-Up (3)

David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, Jay Miller, Frank Petrie, Jim Rea, Guy Serle, Jeff Gamet, Brittany Smith, and Patrice Brend’amour take on more announcements from the WWDC Keynote in the third installment of our MacVoices Live! discussion. This time, we cover Live Text, SharePlay,...
David Ginsburg, Jeff Gamet, Guy Serle, Andrew Orr, Jim Rea, Frank Petrie, Jay Miller

MacVoices #21105: MacVoices Live: Lossless Audio, 5G Experiences, Apple Loyalty

This edition of MacVoices Live! featured three main topics: Apple’s move into lossless streaming audio, who has had what experiences with 5G, and a survey that demonstrates just how brand loyal Apple customers are. David...
Jeff Gamet, David Ginsburg, Jay Miller, Chuck Joiner, Jim Rea, Kelly Guimont, Brittany Smith, Mark Fuccio

MacVoices #21096: MacVoices Live! – The Importance of Apple’s AirPods (3)

The third and final topic that the MacVoices Live! panel of Jeff Gamet, David Ginsburg, Jay Miller, Jim Rea, Kelly Guimont, Mark Fuccio, and Brittany Smith took on was an unusual one: just how important are Apple’s AirPods? When introduced, they...
Chuck Joiner, Ken Ray

MacVoices #21083: Ken Ray on the Changing Face of Podcasting

Ken Ray has been doing a daily Apple news podcast since 2005, and along the way has been a part of a number of shows, both his own and others. That makes him the perfect...