Katie Floyd

MacVoices #1091: Katie Floyd Discusses Ditching Your Cable

Tired of high cable TV bills? Being tempted by the siren's song of the online video services? Katie Floyd spent some time researching the costs, benefits and compromises of disconnecting from cable, and shares...

MacVoices #857: MacVoices at Expo – ifrogz audiowrapz iPod Cases Feature Built-In Speakers

ifrogz scored two "Best of Show" awards at Expo for their audiowrapz cases for iPod. In a world full of iPod case options, the audiowrapz is unique in that it offers a speaker built...
Chuck Joiner, Paul Kafasis

MacVoices #17145: AltConf – Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba on the New WWDC Ecosystem and Apple Announcements

At AltConf in San Jose, we had a far-reaching conversation with Rogue Amoeba CEO and Owner Paul Kafasis to assess the success of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and the ecosystem that surrounds it with this...

MacVoices #644: Michael Butler, The Rock and Roll Geek, Talks Macs, Music and Podcasting

Michael Butler, the host of The Rock and Roll Geek Show, talks about his podcast, one of the very first on the scene back in the early days (read: 2004) and how it has...
Chuck Joiner, Jay Miller

MacVoices #21181: Jay Miller Talks Conduit, Social Equity, and Tech (1)

Jay Miller joins us to discuss his new podcast, Conduit, and how it delivers a different take on productivity. Not just content with sharing what they do, Jay and Kathy Campbell help listeners create their...