MacVoices #19239: Briefing – Starting A New Podcast

Thinking of starting a podcast? Chuck talks about some of the choices and decisions you need to make before step-in up to the mic. Using his new show, TrekFavorites, as an example, discussions of...

MacVoices #755 – Don McAllister on iTunes Store Video in Europe, the BBC and Apple Tech and UK Get a Mac Ads

Our European correspondent, Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline (SCO) checks back in to discuss the Apple TV announcement. Don talks about why the lack of video content in the iTunes Store is has even more...

MacVoices #8140 – Bradley Jefferson of Animoto Discusses Doing Something New With Your Digital Photos

Want to do something new with all those digital photos you've been taking? You need to check out Animoto. Bradley Jefferson, the CEO and co-founder of Animoto discusses the genesis of their service and...
Chuck Joiner, Nick Mattingly

MacVoices #16071: Broadcast Live and Direct to YouTube With Switcher Studio

Nick Mattingly and the team at  Switcher Studio  have just upped the game for iOS broadcasting with their new version of their multi-camera switcher program. Now you can send your live video straight to...
Chuck Joiner, Scott Hancock

MacVoices #14010: CES ShowStoppers – Plex Should Be Your Media Server of Choice

From ShowStoppers at CES in Las Vegas, Scott Hancock, Vice President of Marketing for Plex, gives us both an introduction and an update on their media server software that seems to be everywhere. That's...