User Group Report #410: Macworld Expo Group Vice President and Conference Chairperson, and the Rogue Valley Mac Expo!

Two Macintosh Expos, one regional and one international, are spotlighted in this edition.

Warwick Davies
Warwick Davies, Group Vice President for IDG World Expo talks about the special relationship user groups enjoy with Macworld Expo, why he and members of his team have been out visiting local MUGS, and some of the new offerings that attendees can expect in Boston.

Paul Kent
Paul Kent, the Conference Chairperson for Macworld Expo – Boston 2004 outlines the multiple conference tracks available at the July show, why they are better than ever, and how different events and content are being integrated into the conference program.

Chris Kiltz
Chris Kiltz of the Josephine County Macintosh Users Group tells us about her group’s upcoming Rogue Valley Mac Expo, their presenters from Adobe and Apple, and how they partnered with the local Chamber of Commerce to improve the third iteration of this annual event.

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