User Group Report #406: In House Film Festival, Macsimum Perspective, CodeTek Studios, CampusMovieFest & Mac User Group Day at O’Reilly

A new Final Cut Pro film festival not just for professionals, a brand new web site from a long-time user group advocate, one vendor’s MUG support story, new campus group video events, and a day just for MUGs fill out this edition.

Orlando Luna
Orlando Luna of the South Florida Final Cut Pro Users Group, and one of the organizers of the In House Film Festival, talks about his group, FCP groups in general, and their partnership with the Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group to produce a new event based on Apple’s video technologies for amateurs and professionals alike.
Dennis Sellers
Dennis Sellers, a long-time friend and advocate of user groups, joins us to announce the opening of his brand new web site, Macsimum Perspective. You’ve read Dennis’ work on MacCentral and MacMinute for years, and heard him speak in the User Group Lounge at Macworld Expos. Find out what his latest offering has for user groups.
Bill Goldstein
Bill Goldstein of CodeTek Studios outlines his company’s products and their support of user groups, including free product downloads, discounts, User Group University support, and a soon-to-be-announced rebate program.
David Roemer
David Roemer of Ideas United tells us about his company’s first round of events at various colleges and universities in Georgia, called CampusMovieFest, the premier night to be held at Atlanta’s Fox Theater, how they are partnering with a major airline (yes, airline), and how campus groups can tap into their expertise and resources.
Marsee Henon
Marsee Henon of O’Reilly gives us a look at Mac User Group Day, the speakers and sessions, and what visitors to the O’Reilly campus for the event can expect on April 24.

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