Chuck Joiner, Ted Landau

MacVoices #13168: Ted Landau On The Apple Earnings Call, The Microsoft Surface, and Print vs. Web Publications

Ted Landau is back after a bit of a summer break to provide some thoughts on Apple's quarterly earnings call, whether it is time to call the Microsoft Surface, and the future of print publications...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #15203: Jeff Carlson Launches Photoversity with Aurora HDR Guide

Jeff Carlson  has a new home for some of his projects. The new Photoversity site and imprint kicks off with his guide to Macphun's tool for high dynamic range photography, Aurora HDR and Aurora...
Chuck Joiner, Michael E. Cohen

MacVoices #14229: Michael E. Cohen Takes Full Control of Pages

 Michael E. Cohen  is back to talk about the 1.0 release version of Take Control of Pages. Originally available as a Take Control pre-book, the update is now a fully formed book that...
Joe Kissell

MacVoices #1065: Joe Kissell Discusses Making the Move From POP Email to IMAP Email

Take Control Books author Joe Kissell tackles the subject of converting your email from POP to IMAP. What is POP? What is IMAP? Joe walks us through the answers and why you should care....

MacVoices #1197: Erica Sadun and Steve Sande Help You Talk to Siri

Erica Sadun and Steve Sande have a new ebook that you will want to know about, Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple's Intelligent Assistant. Find out about some of the unexpected uses...