Chuck Joiner, Mike LaPlante, Mark Fuccio, Kelly Guimont, Brittany Smith

MacVoices #20213: MacVoices Live! with Mark Fuccio (2)

The second part of our MacVoices Live! discussion with featured guest Mark Fuccio and panel members Mark Fuccio, Mike LaPlante, Kelly Guimont, Brittany Smith, and host Chuck Joiner dug into the topic of how some podcasts are tracking you, and...
Chuck Joiner, Joe Kissell

MacVoices #20211: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Big Sur (2)

The second part of our conversation with Joe Kissell about Take Control of Big Sur focuses on how to get the most out of the new version of macOS, from the more iOS-influenced look to the features that...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Andrew Orr

MacVoices #20189: MacVoices Live! with Andrew Orr (1)

Andrew Orr of The Mac Observer was the featured guest on a recent MacVoices Live!, and joined David Ginsburg and host Chuck Joiner to discuss his recommendation fo the Jumbo Privacy + Security app, and why...
Chuck Joiner, Glenn Fleishman

MacVoices #20138: Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of Zoom (Part 2)

The second part of our conversation with Glenn Fleishman the author of the new Take Control of Zoom from Take Control Books, gets into a discussion of Zoom security, how they have dealt with some of the...
Chuck Joiner, Bart Busschots

MacVoices #20115: Bart Busschots On Privacy, Security and Zoom

The second part of our discussion with Bart Busschots covers the privacy and security issues s urrounding Zoom, and the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. The question of whether the End User License Agreement provided...