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Chuck Joiner, Jay Miller

MacVoices #22151: Road to Macstock – Jay Miller

“The Road to Macstock” wraps up in a conversation with Jay Miller, who will present something completely new: the importance of developer relations. Jay explains...
Chuck Joiner, Brett Terpstra

MacVoices #22150: Road to Macstock – Brett Terpstra

“The Road to Macstock” takes an unexpected turn to Brett Terpstra, who will host two different speaker panel discussions at the event. Brett tells us...
Chuck Joiner, Erin Dawson

MacVoices #22146: Road to Macstock – Erin Dawson

“The Road to Macstock” runs through Pennsylvania in a conversation with Erin Dawson about music, Logic, and more. Erin will be demonstrating how to develop and enhance...
Chuck Joiner, Bryan Pearce

MacVoices #22145: Road to Macstock – Bryan Pearce

“The Road to Macstock” takes us to Bryan Pearce, Solutions Developer and President of Deneb Corporation, for a discussion of databases. Brian’s presentation will focus...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg

MacVoices #22144: Road to Macstock – David Ginsburg

Our next stop on “The Road to Macstock” takes us to David Ginsburg, who took the theme of “Play” literally. David discusses how he will...