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Chuck Joiner, Norbert Frassa

MacVoices #19184: Road to Macstock – Macstock’s Camera Tech, Norbert Frassa

The Road to Macstock is getting shorter and shorter, but we’re not done yet. Norbert Frassa talks about how his positive “freshman” experience at Macstock...
Chuck Joiner, Kirschen Seah

MacVoices #19181: Road to Macstock – Kirschen Seah Introduces Sketchnotes

The Road to Macstock continues in a conversation with Kirschen Seah, who talks about how she will introduce attendees to a creative method of...
Chuck Joiner, David Sparks

MacVoices #19179: Road to Macstock and More: David Sparks On Getting Artists Organized, Keyboard...

On The Road to Macstock, David Sparks delivers a triple-duty interview as he explains how his session will help artists (and others) get organized and...
Chuck Joiner, Rosemary Orchard

MacVoices #19177: Road to Macstock – Rosemary Orchard On Getting More Out of Siri

We get back on The Road to Macstock in a conversation with Rosemary Orchard about her session that will focus on getting more out of Siri. Siri...

MacVoices #19150: Road to Macstock: Elle Newman’s Body Hacks and Yoga for Nerds

The Road to Macstock takes an unexpected turn as we talk to Elle Newman, who will be coordinating two different activities at the conference. While most...