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Drobo 5D3

MacVoices #17162: Briefing – The Thunderbolt 3-Equipped Drobo 5D3

In this MacVoices Briefing, Chuck gives a rundown on the new Drobo 5D3 that features Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, along with all the other Drobo benefits...
Chuck Joiner, Michael E. Cohen

MacVoices #17161: Michael E. Cohen Takes Control of PDFpen 9

Want to get more out of one of your favorite utilities? Michael E. Cohen and Take Control Books have released Take Control of PDFpen 9,  a...
Tipsy Robot

MacVoices #17160: Briefing – The Tipsy Robot Bar in Las Vegas

In this MacVoices’ Briefing from vacation, Chuck takes a look at the Tipsy Robot bar in Las Vegas, and how you can order a...
Chuck Joiner, Mike Potter

MacVoices #17159: Road to Macstock – Mike Potter Gives Us The Final Briefing

The Road to Macstock ends where it began: in a conversation with organizer Mike Potter. In a final update before many of us head to Woodstock...
Jeff Gamet, Kelly Guimont, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #17158: The MacJury Takes On Real Life Internet of Things Troubleshooting

The Internet of Things may be everywhere all the time, but that doesn’t mean it always works flawlessly. The MacJury panel of Jeff Gamet,...
Chuck Joiner, Kirschen Seah

MacVoices #17157: Road to Macstock – Kirschen Seah on the Ease of Approach to Automator

The Road to Macstock is almost at an end, but not before Kirschen Seah of Free Range Coder tells us how she will be getting us excited about...