MacVoices Open Mic

Announcing MacVoices OpenMic!

MacVoices OpenMic is a little experiment to give YOU a voice (and maybe even a face) on MacVoices.

I’m always asking for your thoughts and feedback, and am grateful for the emails and other communications you send in. Have had some great conversations on a wide variety of issues.

Now, I’m hoping to get you even more involved by introducing MacVoices OpenMic, a way to get your thoughts and opinions on the show. Just submit what you want in one of several ways and it could end up on either an OpenMic segment of a future MacVoices, or as part of a dedicated MacVoices OpenMic show. A great deal will depend on how much and how many folks participate.

How to comment? Several options for you to choose from:

Call your comments in
Fastest and simplest is to call the MacVoices OpenMic line at (717) 814-8622. Please allow at least four rings. It will connect. Really!

Email your voice recording
Want to give me better sound quality? Record your comment on your Mac, iPhone or iPad and email it to me at [email protected] and put “OpenMic” in the subject line. A 30 – 45-second recording should get through most email systems. And if you want to throw in a photo of yourself, even better!

Send a video file
If you are really ambitious, you can send me a video of yourself and your comment. Because that file will probably be a little larger than most email will accommodate, send a Dropbox or Transporter link to [email protected] and put “OpenMic” in the subject line.

Just email
OK, OK. so you can always just email me your thoughts. But then I have to edit them, pick out what I think is relevant, and that really isn’t you, is it? If you feel like a rant or want to say something privately, have at it, but otherwise, the voice and video options are preferred if you want your comments to be on the show.

What to say
Comments should be approximately 30 seconds in length, to try to make them as concise and on-topic as possible. You can include your name (full or just first) and any site or social media presence you like i.e. “Chuck Joiner from MacVoices” or “Chuck Joiner, on Twitter as @chuckjoiner” or something along those lines. Or you can just throw out your name to help me identify you. Want to be anonymous? No problem. No names required.

Please keep in mind that I strive for a G to PG-rated show. Other than that, no guidelines or restrictions, other than the time limit.

I do need to tell you that there’s no guarantee your comment will end up on a show, and the usual legal-speak applies: by calling or sending in audio or video, you grant permission for the broadcast and posting of your comment and attribution to any and all MacVoices distribution channels, past, present and future.

How will you know what to comment on?
One last item, and it is a bit shameless: While you’re free and encouraged to let me know what’s on your mind at any time, on any tech-related topic, I’ll be making some specific calls for comments. Some of those will be on my Twitter feed (@chuckjoiner) and some will be strictly for subscribers to The MacVoices Dispatch, so be sure to follow me on the former and subscribe to the latter.

Thanks! I look forward to hearing (and maybe even seeing) you on MacVoices!