MacVoicesTV #1004: The Road to Macworld – Adam Christianson on His Home Theater Session and the Podcaster Meetup

On The Road to Macworld 2010, Adam Christianson of The MacCast previews his session on integrating your Mac into your home theater set-up. Adam talks about some of the challenges in getting things just right, and names a surprise option that you have have abandoned long ago. Four the fourth year running, Adam will also be hosting the Podcaster Meet-Up on the Birds-of-a-Feather track at Macworld. He explains why a more accurate title might be new media meet-up, where podcasting stands in the world of internet-distributed media, and how Apple’s iPad offers a new platform for this type of content delivery.

Macworld 2010

The Road to Macworld 2010 is a special MacVoices series produced in partnership with Macworld to preview some of the exhibitors and presentations at Macworld 2010 in San Francisco from February 9 – 13 at the Moscone Convention Center.


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