MacVoices #19239: Briefing – Starting A New Podcast

Thinking of starting a podcast? Chuck talks about some of the choices and decisions you need to make before step-in up to the mic. Using his new show, TrekFavorites, as an example, discussions of...
iOgrapher Go, GoPro, Rift Labs Kick, Lilliput Field Monitor, Manfrotto Standing Monopod

MacVoices #16078: Briefing – The MacVoices Video Rig for CES 2016

This MacVoices Briefing delivers details and an evaluation of the one-man video shooting rig Chuck used at CES 2016. The gear discussed and performance evaluated includes the iOgrapher Go, Manfrotto Standing Monopod and Quick...
MacVoices #22163

MacVoices #22163: MacVoices Briefing – After Steve; This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends

Need some summer reading that is actually useful? Get away from those trashy novels that waste your time, and check out this MacVoices Briefing about to entertaining and informative books: After Steve: How Apple...
Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by BOOM

MacVoices #14205: MacVoices Briefing – The Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by BOOM

The Swimmer Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker  is an excellent choice if you're going to be around, or in, water and want something reasonably sized. Find out about its unique mounting and hanging options, its performance,...
ZeroChroma FolioSlide Case for iPad and Vario Protect Case for iPhone

MacVoices #15213: Briefing – ZeroChroma Vario Protect Case for iPhone and FolioSlide Case for iPad

This MacVoices Briefing  covers the Vario Protect case for iPhone and FolioSlide case for iPad, both from ZeroChroma. With kickstands on both cases, a TPC material that protects but doesn't bulk up either device,...