MacVoices #975: Kevin Ford of Parliant Discusses the New Features of PhoneValet 6

Kevin Ford
Parliant has announced the newest upgrade to PhoneValet, their Macintosh telephony solution, and CEO Kevin Ford gives us an in-depth look at their product. PhoneValet can meet and exceed the feature sets of commercial PBX systems for small and medium-sized businesses at a fraction of the price, and can bring many of those features to your home phone as well. Kevin discusses PhoneValet’s ever-expanding capabilities that includes individual, private mailboxes, a variety of on- and off-site notification options, call screening, recording and logging, and more. How these key features apply to your business, school or civic organization, some real-world examples that will surprise you, and why, contrary to popular opinion, the plain old telephone system (POTS) will remain a key communication hub for years to come, are all part of the discussion.


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