MacVoices #731 – MacVoices at Expo: Hubbert Smith of Silex Discusses the wiDock and Wireless Device Server

silex technolgy
Under the heading of “even less wires and cables,” silex technology president Hubbert Smith provides details on the wiDock, their wireless docking solution for the iPod. The wiDock lets your iPod live near your home entertainment system for full integration, yet charge and sync with your Mac in another room via a WiFi connection. Compatible with any iPod with the standard Dock Connector, the wiDock frees your iPod. Hubbert also talks about their Wireless Device Server that allows you to put your USB devices on your wireless network, allowing easy sharing of printers and other hardware among multiple users in multiple locations.


“SILEX TECHNOLOGY SX-2000WG Hi-Speed USB 802.11g Wireless Device Server” (SILEX TECHNOLOGY)

silex technology

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