MacVoices #717 – MacVoices at Expo: Adobe Breakfast – Welcome, FlexBuilder, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth and Adobe Encore DVD


In the first of a series of shows from the Adobe User Group & Professional Association Breakfast at Macworld Conference & Expo, Terry White welcomes the attendees and gives an overview of the morning’s presentations.

The presentations begin with Ted Patrick showing off FlexBuilder, a toolset that assists in the creation of rich Internet applications. Dave Helmly then takes the stage to show off the new Adobe Premiere Pro, Soundbooth (currently in public beta) and Adobe Encore DVD.

MacVoices is be delivering the complete Adobe Breakfast program; look for the other editions and experience the entire event again if you were there or for the first time if you couldn’t make it to San Francisco.


Adobe Flex Builder

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Soundbooth

Adobe Encore DVD

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