MacVoices #24135: NAB – Larry O’Connor On OWC’s Latest Tools For Video Workflows

From NAB in Las Vegas, we get an update on the latest tools focused on a video production workflow from Other World Computing Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. Larry highlights the Electron’s 4 TB capacity, the speed of Thunderblade X8, and the versatility of the CFexpress A memory cards, emphasizing customer feedback in product development. The Envoy series’ durability and compact design and the Thunderblade’s high performance for editing and data backup tasks is emphasized, benefiting professionals with reliability and speed. 

Show Notes:


00:44 New Product Showcase
01:50 Envoy Series Launch
2:47 Affordable Storage Solutions
04:11 Thunderblade Performance
05:06 Time-Saving Efficiency
06:26 Fastest Type A Cards
07:17 Supporting Creativity
07:44 Learn More at


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