MacVoices #14135: SuperMeet – G-Technology Introduces New High Power Drives and Arrays

From the 2014 Las Vegas SuperMeet, Mark Anderson, Solutions Engineer for G-Technology introduces their latest and greatest, including updates to their G|Drive series and their new Studio Series of hard drives and arrays.

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These guys have a great product and they are bulletproof for the length of the warranty . I bought a G-Speed es drive four years ago and the power supply began acting up. I called them to see if I could 1. get the part and install it myself or 2. send it in to be repaired. They said if it is out of warranty I was out of luck as they do NOT SERVICE their product. If it was in warranty they would simply ship a new replacement. Otherwise I could simply buy another product. So support for new products GREAT, support for out of warranty SUCKS! The support person did however direct me to a store in Portland that did supply third party support that was CLOSED... Thanks guys!

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