MacVoices #1184: Mark Fuccio and Nico Peruzzi Introduce tripleMOJO To Connect Content Creators, Consumers and Sponsors

Mark Fuccio and Nico PeruzziIf you are a podcast producer or blogger, a podcast or blog consumer or a vendor looking to connect with the audiences of these forms of media, then you’ll be interested in hearing about tripleMOJO. Mark Fuccio and Nico Peruzzi explain how their new service will help content producers learn more about their audiences, allow audiences to provide substantive feedback without surrendering their anonymity, and will connect the vendors seeking those audiences. The founders explain how it all works, why you will want to participate, and where the name came from. While you’re listening, fill out the MacVoices’ tripleMOJO survey so we can learn more about what you like and what you want.


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