MacVoices #1183: Paul Levine of Rage Software Discusses Moving Your Site From iWeb to WordPress

With MobileMe on the way out and iCloud on the way in, it appears that your iWeb site may quickly become a thing of the past. Paul LeVine of Rage Software can help you make the move to the more powerful WordPress platform with iWeb to WordPress. Paul explains what the software can and can’t convert from one to the other, why you won’t lose your comments but you will need to work on photos, and the uses for their product beyond the initial site conversion. Paul also discusses their Mac HTML Editor & Website Builder, their new SEO tool that will soon be available to everyone, and teases us with new products that will see the light of day at Macworld 2012.


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Get iWeb to WordPress for $24.95 (or free if you sign up to web hosting from Rage. This offer expires October 10, 2011.

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