MacVoices #11103: Joseph Ansanelli of ZangZing Profiles Their Elegant Photo Sharing Service

Joseph Ansanelli, the CEO and co-founder of ZangZing, profiles their photo sharing service for the rest of us. Joseph explains their take on the familiar album metaphor, privacy, security and different levels of sharing, and the new one-click import of your photos from wherever they are on the web. Supported services for the import feature include Facebook, Flickr, DropBox, Shutterfly and more. Especially important as we count down to the MobileMe shut-down is the ability to directly import photos stored there to ZangZing. Joseph covers why their service is free for now and why they don’t like the ad-supported option, and why they don’t engage in “pic napping” the way some sites do. Find out why ZangZing may be the most elegant, approachable photo-sharing option available and give it a try.


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Joseph Ansanelli is CEO and co-founder of ZangZing, a a company dedicated to redesigning photo sharing to be simple and beautifully designed. ZangZing is creating one place for users to share their most important photos. Prior to ZangZing, he has served as CEO and co-founded three companies: Trio Development was his first venture, which was acquired by Apple and became Claris Organizer; Connectify, which was sold to Kana Communications for ~$300 million post IPO; and Vontu, which was acquired by Symantec. Joseph resides in San Francisco, CA and when not at ZangZing, enjoys spending time his his wife in the outdoors and taking lots of photos. Connect with ZangZing on Twitter and Facebook.

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