MacNotables #817: Tonya Engst Discusses the Challenges of Changing Email Clients

Tonyaengst0307Tonya Engst discusses one of the most challenging computing processes one can experience: switching email programs. A long-time Eudora user, Tonya talks about the issues that led her to make the switch to Apple Mail, the process and software she used, and what she did wrong that you can avoid. Two weeks into the transition, Tonya shares the goods and the bads, talks about dealing with email overload and POP vs IMAP.


PowerMail by CTM Development

Take Control of Apple Mail in Tiger by Joe Kissell

Now Up-to-date & Contact by Now Software

Eudora Mailbox Cleaner by Andreas Amann

Mail Tags by indev software

Reluctantly Switching from Eudora to Apple Mail by Tonya Engst on TidBITS