MacNotables #775: Ted Landau Takes Control of the iPhone, Comments on Leopard and Speculates on the Future of the Mac mini

Ted Landau

Mac troubleshooting expert Ted Landau talks about his new Take Control book, Take Control of Your iPhone, how it is different than other iPhone books and why it doesn’t just focus on troubleshooting. Ted also shares some thoughts on the goods and bads of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, explaining why you should pay special attention to security concerns while screen sharing and some limitations in Time Machine. Looking ahead to Macworld Expo, Ted and Chuck speculate on the future of the Mac mini and the Apple TV.


Cover Iphone
Take Control of Your iPhone

Tutorial: Screen Sharing in Leopard: How it works and how it doesn’t by Ted Landau on MacFixIt

SuperDuper by Shirt Pocket Software

Data Backup 3 By Prosoft Engineering (ProSoft Engineering)

Carbon Copy Cloner by Bombich Software



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